Europe Part II Greece

So after we stayed in London for 10 days! (never wanted to leave)

We were off to Greece first stop was Athens wasn’t my favorite place was a little ghetto but we did have a chance to discover the ancient ruins which were pretty cool to see!

After being in Athens for two days we took a cruise to Mykonos, after seeing all three places that we visited in greece Mykonos was my favourite of them all I can seriously see myself going to only mykonos for a week and a half just to sit down and relax by the ocean

After staying in Mykonos for 2 nights we were off to Santorini

Just as beautiful as Mykonos but a much bigger island and those white houses in OIA breath taking! I seriously wish we would of stayed right in OIA because that view was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

check out below my favourite photos from Greece


All photos are mine; either using my iPhone or Rebel Canon t3i


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