Coachella 2016

As you all know the last 2 weekends was Coachella, and like every year I’m obsessed with everyone’s outfit there, so I made my top fave outfits of the 2 weekends and I think it’s no Suprise Kendall Jenner is at the top of my list .

I think we can all agree Lea Michele Bomber jacket is something we want in our wardrobe, her outfit is simply one of my favorite, and she rocks those dutch braid !


Nina Dobrev long cardigan is a most have for this summer, it’s a great match with the suede skirt and the fedora.


Miranda Kerr knows how to mix prints together, her crop top and flare pants (or is it a maxi skirt ? ) goes so well together !


of course Alessandra Ambrosio would be in my top, with the bodysuit, the highwaisted jeans short and the bomber jacket, her outfit screamed summer 2016,


Can we talk about those gladiators sandals Kendall?!? Great adds to the outfit.

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I don’t think I need to explain why this outfit is my absolute fav! the dress, the shades, the statement necklace, the fringes sandals, i love everything about it.


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