Sky full of Stars

Its been a while since Cassandra and I did an #ootd Photoshoot

We decided to shoot in the old port of montreal, honestly the architecture is beautiful there and the photos always come out amazing!

So if you live in Montreal and aren’t sure where to have a photoshoot, The old port is the answer

Take a look below at our #ootd

old port 1old port 2old port 3old port 4old port 5old port 6old port 7old port 8

Cassandra is wearing :

Purse: Indigo

Jacket / Dress / Boots – Zara

Scarf: Cassandra made

Op 1op2op3op4op5op6op7op8op9op10op11op12

Scarf: Brandymelville

Coat: Banana Republic

Purse: Zara

Sweater & Necklace: Shopthe26thlook

Pants: JCrew

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

À tantôt

A & C

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