Taking a #breather

Yesterday I decided to book a space for an hour from #breather.

honestly I have no idea why I haven’t used this company before.

There are about 10 spaces that can be rented from Breather in Montreal, they even rent rooms in San Fransisco / Boston / Ottawa / New York City

  • Check out their app (BREATHER) if you are interested in renting out a space from them, you won’t regret it I PROMISE.
  • The room I rented which was located on St-Catherine Ouest in Montreal,  was the cutest little space

While I was there I HAD to take photos of the cute furniture and I did take some also of my #ootd 🙂


Take a look of my photos below


What I wore:

Cardigan: Bestseller (Y.A.S)

Hat: Hudson Bay

Long sleeve top: Aritzia

Boyfriend Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Booties: Aldo Shoes

Bag: Matt & Nat

Hope you enjoyed!



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