Pompom diy 

here’s a diy for those who, like me, fell in love with Charlotte Simone’s, pompom fur Cap. 

Above is Charlotte simone’s and Below is mine.

Here’s what you need:

-faux fur 

-Cotton balls


-anything round to draw a circle

-fabric scissors 


-a cap or if you want to go a little wild a pair of shoes 

1.you need to draw a circle on your fabric, the bigger the circle the bigger the pompom.

2. cut your circle 
3. Stiche in and out around the circle, spacing each stiche at about 1/2 inch 

4. Add cotton balls in the middle, and wrap the cotton balls by pulling the thread 

5. Close the opening by stitching it 

And that’s it for the pompom part, now if you want to put it on a hat or shoes you can either glue it ( which I highly suggest) or you can just sew it on, which is what I did but it takes way more times.

I hope the diy helped you, here more pictures of what I did.


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