Last weekend for easter my aunt, cousin, and I went on a mini vacation to beautiful NYC!

It was so nice and warm there I was able to wear my Topshop pleather jacket all 3 days.

Check out some of the awesome photos below //

IMG_1045 IMG_1046 IMG_1047 IMG_1051 IMG_1053 IMG_1054 IMG_1056 IMG_1057 IMG_1061 IMG_1064 IMG_1065 IMG_1074 IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1078 IMG_1079 IMG_1080 IMG_1085 IMG_1086 IMG_1088 IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_1092 IMG_1093 IMG_1094 IMG_1095 IMG_1097 IMG_1098 IMG_1099 IMG_1101 IMG_1102 IMG_1103 IMG_1104

all photos were taken with my canon rebel t3I


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