Ive seen many people sporting Flash tattoos, they’re great for outdoor concerts such as Coachella and Osheaga. Flash Tattoos are non-permenent tattoos.  They come in different sets but each set is sent with 3 different pages of tattoos.

\\They are super easy to apply,

\You place it on your skin where you’d like it to be applied

\Apply a wet cloth or towel and keep it there for 30 seconds and VIOLA!

you now have a non permanent tattoo that will last 4 to 6 days!

It’s perfect to try out tattoos to see if you want a permanent one.

Ive had my eye on a small palm tree tattoo that Ive wanted on my left arm for a while!

The Sets Include \\

Dakota $22.00

Nikki $22.00

Goldfish Kiss- designed by Rebekah Steen (the one I ordered) came out to $28.00 in total with duty + taxes.

Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos $30.00

*new* Sheebani 





You can check out these awesome tattoos on http://www.flashtat.com 

– A

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