The Glitter Plan Book Review

I initially heard of this book from Rachel Zoe’s instagram account, and as soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to read it. Just by the title it seemed inspiring.



The Glitter Plan is how two girls ( & creators of Juicy Couture)  Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor started Juicy Couture with just $200. How the two designers met in the 1980’s and became best friends. How they decided to start a multi- billion dollar business together from the bottom.

It tells the readers about their up and downs with the companies and how they tried to keep their workplace as friendly and at home as possible.

How to not play by the rules. All the steps it took to decide on the decorating of the office, which warehouses they were going to buy for Juicy. They bring the reader on the tough process towards making decisions for the company and the steps towards making them.

The designers didn’t go to business school but only had what they called “the glitter plan” which was using their instincts and being very much hands on with their business. They only created clothing that them themselves would wear, and if they didn’t like it they wouldn’t sell it.

The book includes everything from them driving their own delivery trucks to them eventually selling the brand to Liz Clairbone in 2003 for $250 million and to them starting up their new line Pam and Gela!

I really did enjoy this book, it was very inspiring and it really shows you not to give up on your dreams, just to keep working hard no matter what!! Until you are really happy with the outcome!

A definite must read.

– A

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