Ombré nails

Yesterday I saw a cute nail idea on deborah lippmann’s Instagram account which was a photo reblogged by the ever so talented Jessica Washick.

So I decided to give it a try, here’s the photo from deborah lippmann’s account.


Here is my version of this polish.


Here’s the steps to doing this cute mani, it’s very simple.

First you start off with your base coat I decided to go with a beige because I wanted to get the same effect as the photo above. I used opi’s “Don’t boss a nova me around” from the Brazil collection. You let that dry fully.

Afterwards you paint the two colors you want (“Don’t bossa nova me around” & ” I just can’t cope-acabana” ) to do the ombré affect with on a sponge like shown below.


Be sure to apply enough polish onto the sponge and it doesn’t dry.

Afterwards you apply the sponge to the nails. And voila it should give you the ombré effect. Mine came out lighter then the original but I’m not a big yellow fan.


So there you have it! Show me some photos if you decide to give this mani a try!


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