Nail polish review

A couple of days ago I had posted a photo of two polishes I had bought and I was going to review them!


One was from the Essie 2014 summer collection “haute in the heat” and the other Sally Hansen’s new color foil polish!

I’ll start off with the Essie “Haute in the Heat”. It is easily one of my favorite shades of red! Perfect for a go to color when you don’t know what to put on it’s classy yet fun. It went on smooth on the nail I applied two coats in the photo below.


Next up is the Sally Hansen ” Color Foil” I bought the gold shade. its really cool this polish you don’t need to apply a base or top coat and you just apply to the nail when touch ups are needed. I applied two coats in the photo below. This polish went on smoothly!


Overall I like both polishes! Essie is always my go to polish but sally hansen has really been bringing it! They have stepped up their game!

Tell me your thoughts on these new polishes!


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