A couple of friends from school introduced me to this company that doesn’t use any chemicals to make their beauty products and its all natural. The company’s name is ARBONNE it is American, and it is slowly beginning to make itself a name in Canada. All of their products are natural so there aren’t any bad chemical smells in lets say the Mascara, or eyeliner when you open the bottles to put them on.

They have anything from mascara, to bath and body products and even nutrition and fragrances for men and women (cool I know)!

I gave their shampoo a try a while back and while it worked miracles on my hair I didn’t like that it didn’t have any suds no lather. I like my shampoo with some suds when I’m washing my hair.

My two favourite products from Arbonne would have to be their Mascara and liquid eyeliner ( even though I don’t use the liquid eye liner very often, it has a sponge like appliqué and goes on the eye like a charm! ). The mascara- “It’s a long story, mascara” I LOVEE it makes my eye lashes look 10x longer ( which I already have long eyelashes ) it’s so easy to apply to my eyelashes as well, this products defiantly won my heart over! While their products are a little pricey keep in mine that they are all natural ingredients!






I am a huge fan of this company, and even though their products are pricey the natural ingredients makes up for it and makes it that much better!



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