Julep Polish Reviews

So my dear and long time friend  ( try 15 years) Christina lent me some Julep polishes and they are swoon worthy, love them!

So I started off with this lilac gold shimmer polish it is so so pretty and shimmers gold and goes on the nails like a charm. I used two coats for it to come out like this. This colors name is “Paulette” boho glam.



Come on how pretty is it? I love love love it!

The next color is a cute sky blue in the bottle it seems to have a touch of white to the polish but it comes out darker on the nails then then in the bottle. It was easy to apply also, that’s the pluse of Julep polishes they are super easy to apply to the nails!





And how cute is this plie wand? I haven’t given it a try but it’s supposed to make putting on polish a lot easier and more control. You can also angle the wand so it’s easier to use with either hand if your right or left handed.

I’d just like to know how are you supposed to clean the brush?

It is a super cute idea though!!


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