A to Zoe and Living In Style.

I am a huge fan of the beautiful and talented Rachel Zoe, she is so fashionable and on key and stays focused while jugging her personal life with her professional.

I have both of her books “Style A to Zoe” I bought this book not knowing who she was and what she did as a career {stylist/ fashion designer } and after reading her first book she because one of my style muses and inspiration! This woman can honestly do anything and everything!!

A to Zoe has everything from her daily life to dressing up for an A-list event. It also includes her favourite accessories { such as hats, sunglasses, jewellery } from day to night,  the loads of hard work it takes to make it in Hollywood!






Living In Style

Living in Style has everything from Inspiration, how to stay focused and driven when trying to make it in the fashion industry, her inspiration and ideas for making the perfect bedroom, her personal life with her husband and two boys. What her work space looks like, her amazing closets of shoes, clothing\everything amazing, how and what to wear certain accessories and to what events.

“People who love fashion don’t dream of becoming rich- They just thrive on the creativity of the business and fantasize about gorgeous clothes.” – Rachel Zoe Living in Style




Theres no denying it, I want a closet like this!

All in all I really enjoyed both of her books! She is such an inspiration to myself. I really hope she comes out with another book in the future!


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